Single Super Phosphate (SSP)

Annadata single super phosphate of phosphorus deficient land. Fertilizer is suitable for using Annadata single super Chlorophyll is produced more so that light in plants Synthesis increases, fruit flowers appear more on plants and production increases.

Single Super Phosphate (SSP) Fertilizer industry is the pioneering fertilizer industry in the country. The main raw materials required are Rock Phosphate & Sulphuric Acid. SSP is a straight phosphate multi-nutrient fertilizer which contains 14.5% water soluble P2O5, 12% sulphur, 21% calcium and some other essentialmicro nutrients in small proportions. Having our own Single Super Phosphate &Granualted Single Super Phoosphate Plant of 600 TPD

Single Superphosphate is produced by reacting naturally occurring phosphate rock with sulphuric acid. This process converts insoluble phosphates into forms more readily available to plants. Phosphate Rock + Sulphuric Acid? Single Superphosphate Impact Fertilisers’ SSP manufacturing process uses blends of various rock phosphate rock sources.

The product is a low-cost source of phosphorus and sulphur in a wide range of pasture situations. SSP is a traditional product for supplying phosphorus and sulphur to pastures, the main two nutrients required for pasture production. Generally mixed with Sulphate of Ammonia and Muriate of Potash but can be blended with other fertilisers.



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