Annadata Prom

1. Annadata Prom is suitable for sll cereal crops, pulses, oil-seeds, fruits and vegetables, sugar and fibre crops, horticultural crops, medicinal and aromatic crops.
2. Annadata prom improves soil structure and can be used in all types of soil.
3. Annadata increases yields by developing organic carbon phosphorus and other nutrient crops available in prom.
4. Annadata prom makes available nutrients to the plants in greater quantity and fertile the land for a long time.
5. Annadata prom makes the land friable thereby increasing air circulation in the land.
6. Annadata prom increases the water storage capacity of the land due to which less water is required in crops.

Method of use
Annadata prom is a granular fertilizer that can be used in combination with all types of fertilizers.

Experiment quantity
100 kg (2 begs) per acre



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